Token Shop

We are very grateful, for every support of the development of our website!

Buy special leadstallion appearances for Token!

There are many different appearances your leadstallion can have! Some even are limited editions!

When buying a special leadstallion appearance, it will be added to the “my bought stallions”-tab and you can use it as often as you like!

Purchase Token for real money

Many different payment methods!

Paypal/Creditcard/Paysafe: most currencies possible

possible on Apple devices

Other: Mostly €, but other currencies can be possible too!

100€ Token package: Get a rainbowhorse, that has the ability to give you 200 energy once a day + more rainbowhorses (find more about rainbowhorses: here )

Purchase premium functions and Herd Companions

Current functions: protect more horses, unlock functions before reaching a specific level, speed feed and available at limited times: energy flatrate!

more premium functions will follow!

Companions: There are many different companions, some will be available permanently and some only limited times. Every herdcompanion has a special ability and they will stay forever with your herd, once bought.