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Terms of use

  1. General

1.1 By using Wild Horse´s Valley, it is automatically implied, that you fully accept these terms of use. Derivations from this terms only apply, when given in written form by Wild Horse´s Valley.

1.2 The User will be referred to as “you” or “user”.

1.3 Wild Horse´s Valley has the right to change, modify, add delete clauses in the following terms of use any time.

  1. General Use of the Game

2.1 To use the game you have to register, with a valid email address, and activate your account on the Wild Horse´s Valley Website.

2.2 You are responsible for the protection of your account and account information from unauthorized use of other people. The user is solely responsible for keeping the password confidential. Wild Horse´s Valley is not responsible for losses due to unauthorized usage of your account. Wild Horse´s Valley NEVER asks you to reveal a password.

2.3 We assume, that everything happening on your account is done under you supervision and you are accountable for all actions happening on the account. If you find out about unauthorized use of your account, contact us as soon as possible and change your password immediately.

2.4 Wild Horse´s Valley conducts processing of personal data according to our “Privacy policy”. Users of Wild Horse´s Valley are subject to the “Privacy Policy”, which is an integrated part into these terms. It is advised to read the “Privacy Policy” carefully.

2.5 The Services are for your individual, non-commercial, entertainment purpose only.

2.6 You are solely responsible for your interactions with other user

  1. 7 Minors need consent from parents or legal guardians to register and play Wild Horse´s Valley. When giving consent to their child, the legal guardians or parents automatically agree to these terms of use. We advise the parents to monitor the activities of their minors.

2.8 As far as it is permitted by applicable legislation, Wild Horse´s Valley declines any responsibility regarding any activity conducted by minors without the permission of their parents or legal guardians.

2.9 Wild Horse´s Valley allows one account per person on the Website, to prevent people from gaining unfair advantages over others. “Multi-accounts” will be banned and/or deleted.

  1. Code of Behavior in Wild Horse´s Valley

These rules apply to all usernames, “herdnames”, forum posts or any other publicly posted content on Wild Horse´s Valley. Wild horse´s Valley reserves the right to refuse any username or screenname, especially when it is violating the rules of these terms or it is already given to another player

3.1 You agree to use Wild Horse´s Valley  only legal and lawful purposes or actions that comply with EU-law, without infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights.

3.2 It is forbidden to transmit or propagate any virus, Trojan, worm, bomb, corrupted file or similar destructive device or corrupted data within the framework of the services. It is also forbidden to organize and/or participate in any way in an attack against Wild Horse´s Valley servers, Services or partners servers or Services.

3.3 You are not allowed to create, use and/or circulate “auto” or “macro” computer programs, cheat programs or software applications or “bot”, “hack”, “crack” or otherwise attempt to control mechanisms associated with Wild Horse´s Valley.

3.4 You are not allowed to access the Services by means other than provided by Wild Horse´s Valley.

3.5 The language used in all parts of the game, including the forums, is English. Use a respectful and kind language, when interacting with other users.

3.6 No swearing, discriminating, harassing, defaming, insulting, provoking, threatening, making racist or hateful comments to other users or members of the staff allowed. No harming of minors in any way is allowed.

3.7 Do not post content that infringes copyright or rights of any third parties.

3.8 Desist from posting real-life information about yourself or other people.

3.9 You are not allowed to post content, that includes illegal drugs, the execution of illegal actions, sexual acts, pornography, inappropriate images or inappropriate language. Content containing violent acts or supporting terrorism are also forbidden.

3.10 Begging staff members or other users for in-game currency or items is considered as harassment.

3.11 Users are not allowed to advertise for other games, this includes mentioning names other games.

3.12 Users are not allowed to scam other users or falsely advertise.

3.13 It is prohibited to exploit bugs glitches and loopholes.

3.14 Users are not allowed to refuse instructions of Wild Horse´s Valley representatives or requirements, procedures, policies, regulations connected to the Services.

3.15 Users are not allowed to impersonate staff members.

3.16 Do not provide any links to outside websites on our platform without the written permission of Wild Horse´s Valley.

3.17 You are not allowed to obtain or attempt to obtain the password or account information of another user

3.18 You are not allowed to ask for medical or personal advise on our Website.

3.19 You agree to not disrupt or attempt to disrupt the operations of the Services or the security functionalities of Wild Horse´s Valley in any way. No user is allowed to put the functionings, computer-systems or networks of Wild Horse´s Valley or third parties into danger

  1. Violating Terms of Use

4.1 When these terms and prohibitions are violated by a user or we receive a justified complaints about a violation of these rules, Wild Horse´s Valley reserves the right to ban the violating user from the game. This decision is binding, but the user has the right to complain to the administrators.

– This includes hacking attempts, denial of services, attacks, misuse of bugs or leak in the            software.

4.2 Whenever Wild Horse´s Valley detects such behavior, we will do all measures to prevent dangers of the game.

4.3 When harm has been inflicted on Wild Horse´s Valley or third parties by users, the user is bound to compensate for the damage.

4.4 Wild Horse´s Valley reserves the right to suspend or close your Account and/or ability to use the services or parts of the services at any time automatically and without any judicial formality for following reasons

– stating a false identity

– not complying with terms or special conditions related to the services

-breaching your legal or contractual obligations

-infringing third parties copyright

–  behaving unsuitably on Services, including forums

-inactivity of account and no access to pay functions

– for any other reason

4.5 If you have more than one account, we reserve the right to delete all of your accounts.

  1. Availability and Maintenance

5.1 Wild Horse´s Valley cannot guarantee interruption free and bug free availability of the game

5.2 Wild horses Valley is not responsible for losses of account related data by technical failures. Wild Horse´s Valley is doing their best to prevent any technical failures.

5.3 The website is actively maintained, this can result in downtimes or limitation of availability due to maintenance

5.4 If we suspect a danger to the game, Wild Horse´s Valley reserves the right to take the game offline

5.5 Wild Horse´s Valley reserves the right to restrict all or part of the available services at any time, without prior notice

  1. Intellectual Property

6.1 All content provided and associated with Wild Horse´s Valley, including the Services, trademarks, name, information, design, graphics, text, sounds, pictures, software and other files are property of Wild Horse´s Valley.

6.2 You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, distribute, republish exploit, adapt, modify or otherwise use the content, including information, software, products, graphics or other content, from Wild Horse´s Valley without a written permission.

6.3 However, you are allowed to post screenshots of the game on your social media account, with links to either our website or our social media accounts.

  1. Fees and Virtual Currencies or Virtual Items

7.1 Playing Wild Horse´s Valley is free. Extra content can be bought with premium currency (Token), that can be bought with real money (Euro). The prices include tax

7.2 Virtual currency constitutes limited license rights to use a feature or Services, it does not have any real value, is not transferable or redeemable for any sum of money or monetary value at any time, whether it was earned through using the services or purchased from Wild Horse´s Valley

7.3 Wild Horse´s Valley reserves the right to adjust prices and conditions at any time. Changes will be announced 30 days ahead. Prices for virtual currencies or virtual items can change at any time. Wild Horse´s Valley is authorized to change how items can be used or how much currency is needed for an item at any time.

7.4 You can obtain virtual currency or items by paying real money through Wild Horse´s Valley or third party services, including, but not limited to, payment processors hired by Wild Horse´s Valley.

7.5 You can order virtual currency, by visiting the “Token” page in our services, providing your billing information and confirming the details of the purchase. Payment occurs via Paypal or Paypal accepted credit cards.

7.5.1 You will receive a confirmatory email and/or in-game notification containing details of your purchase.

7.5.2 You are responsible for checking if currency or virtual items have been transferred to your account correctly. Otherwise contact us as soon as possible, if something is missing.

7.5.3 The premium currency and virtual items are delivered immediately, it is not possible to cancel the payment by invoking the distance selling act

7.5.4 Wild Horse´s Valley keeps records of transactions in order to deal with subsequent inquiries

7.6 Your order of virtual currency or virtual items represents an offer to us to purchase relevant product(s), which will be accepted by us, when we make the virtual currency or item available to your account or debit your payment account.

7.7 You agree to pay all fees and applicable taxes accumulated by you or anyone using the account registered to you

7.8 Virtual currency and items are non refundable

7.9 You agree, that Wild Horse´s Valley has the absolute right to reduce, manage, regulate, control, modify and/or eliminate virtual currency or items as it sees fit

7.10 You are not allowed to trade outside currencies, services, goods to make trades in Wild Horse´s Valley. You may not sell or exchange anything you receive from our Services, including virtual currency and items.

7.11 If an item was priced incorrectly and we notify you about the incorrect pricing, you can either buy the item for the correct price or cancel the purchase and we will refund the money.

7.12 Wild Horse´s Valley is authorized to block access or delete currency, virtual items or functions, if they were distributed by an error or a payment is reversed.

7.13 Virtual currency and items can only be used within the game

7.14 Virtual currency and items may have an expiration date

7.15 Virtual currency and items will be deleted, when your account is deleted.

7.16 The user does not get a refund for any virtual currency or virtual items, when the account is closed, whether it was voluntarily or involuntarily

  1. Liability

8.1 You acknowledge, that the use of these Services is at your own risk

8.2 Wild Horse´s Valley cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability, security, availability of the game or your satisfaction with the game. We cannot guarantee the game to be free of interruptions, errors, bugs, viruses or that the before stated will be corrected

8.3 Wild Horse´s Valley cannot guarantee, that the information on the website are accurate, complete and up to date

8.4 Except in cases of intent or gross neglect, the liability of Wild Horse´s Valley is limited to Token used 3 month prior to the harmful event.

8.5 Wild Horse´s Valley is not liable for indirect damages, consequential losses, lost profits, missed savings or damages due to business stagnation.

8.6 If you have the right to claim compensation, you must notify us in at least 2 months time

8.7 Wild Horse’s Valley is not liable for any force majeure, including failure of internet, telecommunication infrastructure, power failures, domestic disturbances, mobilization, war, traffic jams, strikes, exclusions, business disturbances, stagnation in supply, fires and flooding.

8.8 The user is solely responsible for any damage that results from violation of this contract

8.9 Any content downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the services is done at your own risk

8.10 The user bears any risks and costs, that are related to the use of the services. This includes costs of any maintenances, repair or correction, risks of lost time and effort, loss of data, in particular game data, errors or loss of commercial or other information, that result from the use of the game

8.11 Wild Horse´s Valley is not liable for payments of any sum or any damage, that result from you being unable to use all or part of the services.

  1. Duration and cancellation

9.1 This agreement start, when you start register at Wild Horse´s Valley and runs as long as your account is deleted by either you or us.

9.2 You can terminate this contract with the deletion of your account

9.3 Termination means the deletion of all related information to your account

  1. Other legal indications

10.1 German law applies, all matters will be submitted to the German court

10.2 The information stored by Wild Horse´s Valley is deemed to be correct, unless proven otherwise

10.3 If a provision in these terms of use is invalid, it does not affect the validity of other terms. A new provision will be provided

10.4 Wild Horse´s Valley is authorized to transfer the rights and obligations under this agreement to a third part taking over Wild Horse´s Valley or relevant business.