28th of October – 15th November 6:00am CET

Halloween companions and opponents

  • Find 7 different Halloween themed companions in the Tokenshop until the end of the special
  • Fight Halloween opponents in the alliances (normal opponents are not available during the special) to fill your alliance collectionbook and win 100 Token (see info under collectionbook -> alliances)

Halloween leadstallions

  • 11 different Halloween themed special leadstallions available in the Token shop until the end of the special
  • 3 of these are new special leadstallion: Axolotl horse, Sorcerer stallion and Ghost grey

Halloween themed events

  • When moving through the valley (walk/trot/gallop) you can randomly find Halloween themed events
  • Some animals might want to play a trick on you, others are begging for candy/food, have fun exploring the different scenarios!
  • These events will only be availabe during the Halloween special

Surprise feature at the end of the special

At the last day of the special (15th November) we will be adding a cool new feature to the game, stay tuned!

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