Halloween Special

(Date 28th Oct. to 7th Nov. 6:00am CET)

Halloween in WHV!

Special leadstallion and companions

Until the end of the event (7th Nov. 6:00am CET) you are able to purchase cool Halloween Special leadstallion and companions in the Tokenshop. 5 leadstallions from last year have returned and brought 3 new friends! Additionally there are 3 new herdcompanions obtainable!

Halloween decorations and events

The WHV world is in halloween mood! You can find Halloween decorated backgrounds and some trick or treating animals in the events, be careful what you choose, they might play a trick on you!

But don´t worry too much, they have no vicious intent, so the tricks will be very small!

Halloween opponents in alliances

Also the alliances have been taken over by Halloween creatures, if you are brave enough and face them very often, you can also get a bonus +100 Token for each Halloween-opponent, see Alliance collectionbook! (no worries, your normal alliance collectionbook will reappear with all your winnings after the Halloween Special)

Enjoy the Halloween Special!

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