Wild Horse´s Valley´s best horses!

General rankings

Here you can find the most exceptional horses in the valley! They are known for their excellence, will power and stamina! Horses in the Valley have heard many tales about them, maybe one day you will be one of those legendary stallions?

Only Users that have been active in the last 5 days will be displayed in the rankings.

Daily rankings

Daily rankings have prizes and show the current rankings from last midnight (00:00 CET) to now! The prizes will be given out at 00:00 CET to the first 3 places in every ranking. After that, the rankings reset and a new chance for all of you to win prizes arises!

  • 1st places: 20 Token , 5 carrots , 2 magic milfoil 
  • 2nd places: 10 Token , 5 carrots , 2 magic milfoil 
  • 3rd places: 5 Token , 5 carrots , 2 magic milfoil 
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