1st Dec. – 7th Jan. 6:00 am CET

It´s Christmas Time!

For Christmas we have prepared a lot of cool things for you guys! This includes decorated backgrounds with Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights and also Christmas themed events with little gifts, when you walk/trot/gallop!

And psst we also have a surprise gift prepared for Christmas…

Additionally to that, each Sunday Christmas themed special leadstallion (from last year) plus brand new companions will be released in the Tokenshop and available until the 7th Jan. 6:00am CET!

And the biggest highlight: An Advent calendar in the storylines, with a cute little story and gift every day! There will be a big gift on the last door!

Find more info on the “current specials” page!

24th November – 26th Nov. 6:00 am CET

Thanksgiving Special

For only 2 days WHV is invaded by turkeys! You can find many different turkeys in the event, they all have different interaction options and some might give you a little gift!

You can also get a turkey as a herdcompanion in the Tokenshop until 26th Nov. 6:00am CET!

Take a look at the current specials page for further information on the special!

21st November

Extended Inventory

A new feature has been added: the extended inventory! From now on you can find many different items all over WHV. These items have different characteristics and uses, some might give you a little energy boost, while others will give you another item!

Find them in events, when fighting predators, in the alliances, the itemshop and in the future in many more places!

This update opens the door for us for many cool new features to come! New items will be added regularly, some could be tied to a specific storyline or a special. The new item system enables us to add things like crafting or decoration for horses in the far future.

So stay tuned!

14th November (-21. Nov. 6:00am)

(Pre-release: 10th November)

New Horse model

Today, a new horse model has arrived in the game! It is inspired by Arabian horses!

The model comes in 10 beautiful (and some very exotic) colors! As always the horse model can be found in the wild (while moving through the valley in walk/trot/gallop, in the battle or pony exchange) for FREE and forever!

This time we also have the option for everyone, who can´t wait to get their hands on a new horse, to purchase it for 250 Token on the “current specials”-page. They will be available until 21. Nov. 6:00am!

Also the Arabian inspired horses, that have been pre-released in the Tokenshop are still available until 21. Nov. 6:00am!

Check out the “current Special” page for more detailed information!

16th October – 20th Oct. 6:00am CET

Anniversary Special

WHV is turning 1 year old! How exciting! We have lots of fun stuff prepared for you! Make sure to take a look at the “current special” page (starbutton under menubutton on the right side of the screen). Thank you for accompanying us in the wonderful (though exhausting) journey of developing a game! We love all of you and hope you enjoy the game as much as we do!

We have preparead a beautiful new territory, a beach and not only a sunny and stormy weather condition, but also a bioluminescent scene! With that theme in mind, we have created 2 beach themed special leadstallion and some events with gifts for you!

But there´s more, a new feature has been added! The collectible horses, those are special colors of the normal horse model, that can be obtained through the collection book. For our anniversary you can get one collectible for free through a special storyline!