16th October – 20th Oct. 6:00am CET

Anniversary Special

WHV is turning 1 year old! How exciting! We have lots of fun stuff prepared for you! Make sure to take a look at the “current special” page (starbutton under menubutton on the right side of the screen). Thank you for accompanying us in the wonderful (though exhausting) journey of developing a game! We love all of you and hope you enjoy the game as much as we do!

We have preparead a beautiful new territory, a beach and not only a sunny and stormy weather condition, but also a bioluminescent scene! With that theme in mind, we have created 2 beach themed special leadstallion and some events with gifts for you!

But there´s more, a new feature has been added! The collectible horses, those are special colors of the normal horse model, that can be obtained through the collection book. For our anniversary you can get one collectible for free through a special storyline!

26th September – 12th Oct. 6:00am CET

Labyrinth Special

For a little over a week a cool Labyrinth will be available in the game! The Labyrinth is accessible as a normal storyline, on the storyline-page! There are many cool small and big prizes, that can be won in the Labyrinth! Including cat- and dog colored Special leadstallion. Some of them can be won for free in the Labyrinth and others can be bought in the Tokenshop and will be released throughout the Labyrinth.

There are also some cute baby animal herdcompanions wandering around in the Labyrinth and Tokenshop like a puppy, a kitty and an adorable piglet! You can find all information on how to obtain these cuties and how the labyrinth works on the “current Special”-page accessible through the golden button on the right side! The Labyrinth will stay a while, so no rush! (Make sure oyu finish your last storyline, otherwise you will not be able to see the Labyrinth :D)

11th September

(Early release: 8th September)

New horse model: Percheron inspired model

A new horse model is joining the game! It was time for a heavier model and we decided to go for a Percheron inspired horse model! As always the model does not always come in breed specific colors, but many more than that. You can also find Ardenner or Noriker colors! We have lots of colors resembling other draft horse breeds, for all our draft hrose fans out there!

We hope you enjoy the new model as much as we do! 🙂

From the 8th September you can find 3 colors of the new horse model being pre-released in the Tokenshop as a special leadstallion! They are available until the 16th September 6:00am CET!

Link Tokenshop -> HERE

The full horse model will join the game on the 11th September and will be available “in the wild”, meaning you can find it on your journey, while fighting NPC herds, battling herds from other players or in the Pony Exchange!

We wish you lots of fun exploring all the beautiful colors and can´t wait to show you the full variety of colors we have prepared for this model!

27th August

New feature: Alliances

In the past few weeks we have worked really hard, to bring you guys a wonderful new feature! Testing phase went really well, so we now bring to you: the Alliances!

Team up with other players from the community to fight big opponents together! Currently there are 3 opponents, more will follow in the next couple of days!

We have also added a help section about the Alliances!

To find the new feature, open the menu on the right and click on the menu item “Alliances”!

You can either join an Alliance made by another player or (from level 10 on or with respective premium function before that) create your own, new Alliance! You can create 1 new Alliance with a random opponent for free every day, further Alliances created by you on that day will cost you 25 Token.

You can unlock more opponents in higher levels and every opponent has different “moves” that you can use to fight.

We wish you lots of fun!