Your highest skill will grant you special abilities!

If two or three of the skills have the same amount of points, you will get both or all three abilities!

Choose wisely…



as highest skill

This will give you +10 extra XP when doing a battle no matter if you are attacking or being attacked!

It will be additional to any XP earned in the battle.



as highest skill

Speed will give you the ability to 100% successfully flee from predators!

Otherwise, you only have an 80% chance to be faster than the predator…



as highest skill

Endurance gives you great stamina,

whenever your energy drops to zero it will refill to 5 energy!

Things to unlock in higher levels

Level 3-4: 7 new events (+ new event type), 1 new weather condition (+weather related events), ability to join alliances

Level 5: 5 new events; level 5 treasure-event, 3 new weather conditions, 1st Story unlocked, new special leadstallion available in Tokenshop

Level 6: 4 new events, 3 new weather conditions

Level 7: level 7 treasure-event, new territory, 2 new weather conditions, 1 new Story, new special leadstallion available in Tokenshop

Level 8-9: 10 new events (new NPC rival), 6 new weather conditions, 1 new Story, new opponents in alliances

Level 10: 6 new events (new NPC rival), 1 new weather condition, new opponents in alliances, ability to create own alliances

Level 11: 

Level 12: Protect up to 9 horses, 1 new weather condition

(Average player reaching 100k kilometers -> Starhorse)

Level 15: Unlock leadmare function

Level 20: Special surprise horse in events

More things to unlock in higher levels will follow!


Small Herds: Secret passage (not implemented yet), general help/protection for smaller herds

Big Herds: Horse wants to join your herd (35+), Injured herdmember (50+), Thunderstorm (60+), Bigger Fire (100+)

Herdsize related leadstallion and stories will follow!

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