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Game help book

Need help with the game?

Find everything about your leadstallion, herd and game mechanics here! 

Gamehint: click on the “km” display in the top menu to open your leadstallions page

If you have more questions, feel free to visit our Forum <3

Leadstallion Info

Low energy and health

Don´t worry about your leadstallion having low energy or health, your leadstallion is immortal!
Nothing will happen, when you hit zero energy/health, you can simply fill it up again with food.
You can send out your mares each hour to find food (go to horses profile and click green button in the top right corner)
The leadstallion ages 1 day every time sleep is pressed, he cannot die from old age.


Items can be hidden in the territories (backgrounds)! They will always be near/around your leadstallion (never behind the buttons). When you hover over the item or click on it, it will be outlined with a blue border. Once clicked it is added to your extended inventory and can be used from there. Find the extended inventory through the normal inventory, by clicking on the purple "extended inventory" button on the left side of the page.
One item has a shake animation (the pear), all other items do not move. They will also stay in the same place, when you leave the page or log out, if not collected to collect them at a later date.

Get Special Leadstallion Appearances for Token

There are hundreds of special leadstallion appearances in WHV, that can be bought on the Token page. You can also make any male herdmember your new leadstallion, to get the look of the normal models (see herdmember info).
You can have every special leadstallion appearance once. There are some permanently available special leadstallion appearances. And also limited holiday themed horses, normal colored horses, special poses and colors! Or some that can be unlocked in higher levels and will then appear in the Tokenshop.
All available special leadstallions + your collection of leadstallions are on the Token page !

Available leadstallion section

Find all currently available leadstallion here and buy them for Token.
They move to the "bought stallion" section, once they are bought.
Some Leadstallion are permanently available, some only limited times and some can be unlocked with different levels or herdsizes!
Currently no leadstallions related to level/herdsize available.

Bought leadstallions section

Collection of your bought leadstallions. You can have an unlimited amount of Special leadstallion.
Special leadstallions will stay forever once they are bought and can be used as often as you like.
When choosing to use a special leadstallion, it will replace your current leadstallion!

You can have 1 account per person, no multi accounts allowed

People from one household can all have their own accounts, even if they are using the same IP address, that is no problem!

Translating WHV in different languages

How to turn on Google translate in Chrome
1. Click customize Google (the 3 bubbles top right)
2. Click Settings
3. Click advanced
4. Click languages
5. Choose your preferred language
6. Turn on translation of foreign language pages
7. If necessary, add language => English
8. Click the 3 bubble right next to it
9. Click translation for this page

What to do in WHV

Short overview, over all things, you can do in WHV!

Start with our main function “exploring”

Explore the WHV world by letting your leadstallion move (clicking on walk/trot/gallop). Every time your leadstallion moves an “event” will happen. There are over 100 different scenarios waiting for you, where you can decide how to react and possibly gain Token, food, new horses and more!

Tips: In the beginning it is beneficary to concentrate on growing your herd, because you can send out mares every hour to collect precious food for you, which enables you to get more energy and therefore travel more!

Protect your favorite herdmembers for 50 Token, so nothing can happen to them!

Once you started to build up your herd, you maybe want to try out more of our functions!

1) In events (e.g. fight predators)

2) Sleep button

3) Win battles

4) Kick out horses

5) From special horses/companions

6) In Specials/Special events etc.

7) Purchase Token for real money

1) Collect all beautiful coat colors available in WHV to get some prizes! You can find an overview about all colors and the ones you still need to collect in your “collection book” (open menu->collectionbooks)

2) Use the Pony exchange to offer or accept color exchanges, to get the colors you desire!

3) Get a new leadstallion! You can prepare one of your male herdmemembers to become your new leadstallion (fill its progressbar) or get a special leadstallion appearance in the Tokenshop. (Your old leadstallion will disappear, but you can collect a horse looking like him in the wild/pony exchange)

– You can also collect many different and unique special leadstallion appearances from the Tokenshop! We often offer limited edition leadstallions in Special. There will be a special leadstallion collection book in the future

4) Get a foal into your herd! Get a mare pregant by filling up her progressbar twice (first to get pregnant, second to brith foal) and let that foal grow up in your herd

5) Get horses with special ranks in your herd, horses with ranks have special abilites and characteristics: Current rank available “leadmare” (lvl 15), more will follow in the future

6) Collect beautiful looking special horses: Starhorses with special abilites can join your herd, every 100,000 km (look at the help page, special horse section). Rainbowhorses can be obtained in the Tokenshop, through a specific Token package, they have the ability to create more rainbowhorses and give you full energy.

– There also is a special mystery horse waiting for you in level 20

7) Train your leadstallion in a specific skill to get a specific special ability (see herdstrength page), walk/trot/gallop give a different set of skills! Or try to balance your skills to benefit from all special abilities!

1) Explore and unlock all events and weather conditions while levelling up! There are many different event types with unique outcomes and decision possibilities. Some events are related to the weather condition or other chracteristics of your leadstallion, like herdsize or energy/health.

2) Experience the different territories and weather conditions, with all of their beautiful details and little animals crawling in them. If you want to explore even more, you can purchase premium backgrounds in the Tokenshop. These incredibly detailed and beautiful territories often come with new events, animals, herdcomanions and items! So lots of things to explore!

1) Collect many herdcompanions and earn their trust! They will have wonderful gifts for you, but be careful to keep their trust up!

– there will be a herdcompanion collection book later on

2) Find our which animal species likes which interactions, they all have different preferences!

3) You can put your little friends on all of the beautiful backgrounds in WHV, so they look even better! When purchasing a premium background, it will be available for your herdcompanions, too!

1) Play through many exciting storylines. You will get to know the world of WHV much deeper with fascinating stories and connected tasks and challenges, which are integrated into the gameplay. You can play one story at a time (as often as you like), find them on the storypage.

2) Often these storylines will give you great gifts, sometimes even special leadstallion or herdcompanions!

3) Many storylines unlock with higher levels, you can play through all of them! But there are also storylines, that unlock under specific circumstances: having a foal/starhorse/rainbowhorse, being on a specific background, having a premium background set etc. If you are too curious you can unlock them with Token, before you reach the requirements!

(There is a rework coming very soon, stay tuned!)

Preview: Explore the battlefield: different leagues and moves

Try out all the different moves to find your best strategy to victory!

1) There are many exciting rankings, where you can try to snatch a place, like “most km” or “most xp”, but we also have “most skills” and “Biggest herd”

2) Additionally we have daily rankings, where you can win cool prizes every day! Try to get your place in one of our 4 categories!

1) Alliances allow the players of WHV to work together to fight off bigger opponents. You can either join existing alliances or (from level 10 on) create your own

2) There are many different opponents out there and more difficult opponents will be unlocked in higher levels

3) You can choose from many different moves to fight of an opponent, each move will have a different effect on the opponent and costs you various amounts of energy/health. There are countless different moves, each opponent has their own set of moves. Some moves can be unlocked in higher levels or other specific circumstances!

4) Rewards: while fighting for each move you have the chance to earn some prizes (Token, food, herbs…) and if the group defeats the opponent, you will also get a bonus reward at the end of the alliance

1) WHV often has cool Special/Special Events/Community Challenges, with lots new things to explore for you: new leadstallion, herdcompanions and backgrounds. But also new challenges and tasks, with fun additions to the gameplay!

And of course you are free to create your own goals! Take a look in our Forum for inspiration. We also have a discordserver to chat (linked on top of Forum or Frontpage). And if you are using social media, you can follow us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter to find tips, behind the scenes, spoilers and giveaways! For all our artists: we also have a Youtube channel (Wildhorsesvalley), where you can see how the art for our game is created!