This temporarily stays up for the next few days, in case someone cannot see the new menu on the right side yet! If you can´t see a menu button on the right side of the game, please clear the cache of your browser and you will be able to see it! 🙂 (12th August 2020)

Things to unlock in higher levels

Level 3-4: 7 new events (+ new event type), 1 new weather condition (+weather related events)

Level 5: 5 new events; level 5 treasure-event, 3 new weather conditions, 1st Story unlocked

Level 6: 4 new events, 3 new weather conditions

Level 7: level 7 treasure-event, 2 new weather conditions, 1 new Story

Level 8-9: 10 new events (new NPC rival), 4 new weather conditions

Level 10: 6 new events (new NPC rival)

Level 11: 

Level 12: Protect up to 9 horses, 1 new weather condition, (Starhorse)

Level 15: Unlock leadmare function

Level 20: Special surprise horse in events

More things to unlock in higher levels will follow!


Small Herds: Secret passage (not implemented yet), general help/protection for smaller herds

Big Herds: Horse wants to join your herd (35+), Injured herdmember (50+), Thunderstorm (60+), Bigger Fire (100+)

Herdsize related leadstallion and stories will follow!