Energy and health

When moving your stallion loses energy. He will also lose energy and health in the battle against another players and in fights against animals he will lose some health.

You horse can have 200 energy and health at maximum. (Nothing happens when you hit 0 enery/health)

Gaining energy/health

Sleep button: +200 energy +10 Token (once in 24h, resets on midnight servertime CET)

Food: +10 energy (carrots), +20 energy (apples);

  • Send out your mares every hour to find food
  • Buy food for Token in the inventory
  • Find food while moving through the valley

Events: some events give up to +200 energy

 Healing items: +10 health (mystic fern), +20 health (magic milfoil)

  • Mares can find healing herbs
  • Buy herbs with Token
  • Find herbs on your way

Functions around the leadstallion

Your leadstallion ages one day, every time you press the “sleep” button. The age is shown in years.

Feed your stallion

Click on the blue plus to go to your inventory

Feed your stallion by clicking on the “feed me” button, you can only feed him what you have. Also, he needs to chew, so he can only eat one thing at a time 😉

Skills of the leadstallion

Gain different skills depending on the gait you choose (walking/trotting/gallopping)

Gain skills in trainingsbattles with your own male herdmembers (once a day)

Gain skills in fights with other leadstallions

Walk/Trot/Gallop button

  • You will often change the terrain, when you move
  • Different terrains cost different energy
  • There will be an event every time you move
  • Depending on the gait, you will gain skills, XP and kilometer


There are different events, sometimes you gain/lose something.

New event can be unlocked, when levelling up!

Other times you can make a decision:

Attack: Animals have different relative strength, measured on your own skills

Flee: You have 80% flee chance, if you can´t flee you will be attacked and either win/loose

Safe: The safe choice will always have the same outcome, might be slightly good or bad outcome

Risky: 2 different outcomes, either very good or bad

Aging of herdmembers: They will age by 1 month every time you press the “sleep” button. The age is shown in years. Herdmembers will pass away, once they have reached 25 years of age, you will receive 30 Token as compensation for the loss.

How to get horses

  • Through moving in the valley (walk/trot/gallop)
  • Battle with other herds and snatch some of their herdmembers
  • Mares can give birth to foals
  • Persuade the lone stallion to join your herd (see herdstrength page)
  • Small chance to find a horse when levelling up

Interactions with herdmembers

  • You can protect up to 6 herdmembers for 50 Token each, they are protected until you cklick “unprotect”, though you won´t get the Token back
  • You can kick out a herdmember to receive 15 Token instead

Your Herdmembers

Mares abilities

  • Send mares out for food, once every full hour
  • Mares can get pregnant, fill the first progressbar by clicking the green plus (once a day) to get the mare pregnant (once the bar is full, click on the blue button on the left). Then a second bar appears, once it is full, the mare will give birth to a foal

Stallion abilities

  • Execute a trainingsbattle with your leadstallion to increase his skills (once a day)
  • They can become the new leadstallion, when progressbar is filled. Fill it by clicking on the green plus (once a day). The old leadstallion will be chased away from the herd

Important hint: protect your favorite herdmembers as soon as possible!

Foal abilities

  • Foal can play every 10 minutes, this will give you XP
  • Foals will grow up to a random color, once you have filled the progressbar with the green plus

Bonus: Free, automatic foal protection! All foals born into a herd with no foals yet, will be automatically protected without costing Token! This is not releated to how many horses you already have protected, but to how many foals you have in your herd. If you have the maximum amount of protected horses it will be added to that number on top, otherwise it will count as a normal protected horse.

Example (Your limit is 6 protected horses): If you have 5 adult, protected horses and a foal with automatic protection is born, it counts as a normal protected horse and you can´t protect any more horses.

All Foal Protection will be removed, once the foal grows up, they will grow up into a random color.

Enter the Battlefield

Press “battle” button on leadstallions page to get to the battlefield.

  • Table will all possible opponents on the left, battleinfo on the right
  • Table with previous battles on the bottom of the page

To start battle, press “enter the battlefield”, once pressed you have 5 seconds to choose an opponent before you appear on the “Battlefinder” and can be chosen by somebody else!

If you see this Pop-up: “you or your adversary doesn´t have enough token/energy”, but you had enough token/energy, your opponent didn´t have enough. Choose a different match before someone chooses you!

Important for battle

If this button says: “enter the battlefield” you are not in the battlefield, no one can attack your herd

If this button says: “remove yourself from battlefield” you can either choose someone or be chosen by someone for a battle

  • Skills will be the base for “battle points” calculation
  • Health and energy are very important for the battle
  • Herdsize will influnce the outcome
  • Levels are balanced, so low level stallion stand a chance
  • Battle costs: 10 Token and 20 energy

You can win a horse and 20 Token from the other herd, but you might loose one, if you are defeated

Remove yourself from battlefield

Remove yourself from the battlefinder by clicking on the “remove yourself from battlefield” button.

You are automatically removed from the battlefield, once a fight happened.

You will also be automatically removed after a while, if you don´t have enough Token or energy.

Can I loose my leadstallion?

The lead stallion cannot die or be stolen!

Can something happen to my herd when I am away?

Nothing can happen to your herd, when you are not online. Unless you are listed in the “Battlefinder”, then max. 1 horse can be stolen. If you are in the battlefield you have the ability to “remove yourself from the battlefield”.

Frequently asked questions

How many accounts can I have?

Every player is allowed to have one account! This is due to “Multiaccount” giving an unfair advantage!

How to turn on Google translate in Chrome
1. Click customize Google (the 3 bubbles top right)
2. Click Settings
3. Click advanced
4. Click languages
5. Necessarily click on your own language
6. Turn on translation of foreign language pages
7. If necessary, add language => English
8. Click the 3 bubble right next to it
9. Click translation for this page

How do I get Token?

In many ways: Token can be bought with real currency. But you can also earn many Token, when playing the game: Sleep button, find Token on your way, win battles, kick out horses, fight against predators, special events or horses… 🙂

A second foal was born and it wasn´t protected?/Unprotected a mare and the protected foal took up the protection slot of the mare?

When a foal is born into a herd, that has no foals yet, it will get automatically protected without costing Token! If you have the maximum amount of protected horses it will be added to that number on top, otherwise it will count as a normal protected horse.

Example (Your limit is 6 protected horses): If you have 5 adult, protected horses and a foal with automatic protection is born, it counts as a normal protected horse and you can´t protect any more horses.

Star horses

Star horses are beautiful creatures that come from a celestial land with never ending starlit nights. Star horses can be earned through covering a great distance. Once they see that your herd is experienced and has covered a great distance a star horse will accompany your herd. If you are lucky you might catch one when fighting another stallion. Star horses have special abilities, they will grant you 100 Token every two weeks in average, once their progressbar is full.

There will be 3 or more different colored starhorses. At the moment, there is only 1 starhorse!

Rainbow horses

These horses are especially beautiful and come through a rainbow bridge into our world, thus their colorful hair. They can be earned in special events or when buying Token and have the ability to give you full energy once a day. Also they are able to give you another rainbowhorse, once their progressbar is full (every 50-100 days)

There will be 7 different colored variations of the rainbowhorse, at the moment one is added.

Special colors for your leadstallion

Special colors for your lead stallion can be found and bought on the Token-page. There are many different appearances for your leadstallion! We have limited holiday themed horses (Halloween, Christmas etc.), normal colored horses, special poses and colors, that might be limited! And also some appearances, that are always available, like a beautiful unicorn and a cool Pegasus!

A small secret…

There is another special horse waiting for you….once you reach level 20 you will be able to meet it on your way through the valley!