About Alliances

Alliances can be joined from lvl. 4 on, see available alliances in table below!
Sometimes in the valley threats appear that endanger the resources or territory of the horses of the valley. Work together with other herds to chase them away before the timer stops and receive great rewards!
You can join alliances (for a small Token fee, visible on the button) or create your own.

About moves to fight off opponents
To fight off the opponent you will have a variety of moves to chose from, which will cost you energy and health. The moves will affect the opponent differently. Your reward is earned during the fight, while choosing your moves. When defeating the opponent, you will additionally get a bonus reward!
Level up to unlock stronger opponents or special moves. Larger herds (50+) can only fight bigger opponents!

Create your own alliance

Enabled from lvl. 10 on
You can spawn one random opponent for free each day (resetting at midnight CET). Additionally you can spawn as many new opponents as you like for 25 Token.
Want to create alliances before level 10? Take a look at the premium function "spawn alliance" in the Tokenshop: click here


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