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About Wild Horse´s Valley

Hello and welcome wanderer!

Join a UNIQUE free-to-play horse game and experience the world through the eyes of a lead stallion in an unknown land!


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Game statistics
Users: 62158

Horse coatcolors: 155(+)
Special coatcolors: 150(+)
Date of opening:
16th October 2019

Free, no pay to win gameplay. Completely ad free and safe environment

Playable on mobile or pc in your browser

Regular updates: new features, horses and specials, including awesome community contests!

Lovely and caring community in the Forum and Discord!

Stressfree, “go at your own pace” gameplay, perfect for every schedule!

Explore countless situations with different animals, predators and NPCs! Decide how to react!

Hundreds of different horses, to discover! Exchange horses with other players to create your perfect herd!

Plenty of beautiful, intricatly designed territorries and weather conditions to experience!

Stunning special horses! Your choice: realistic or fantasy?

Battle with other players, to steal horses from their herd

Collect and earn the trust of dozens of cool herdcompanions

Take part in exciting, interactive storylines with great rewards!

Lots of hidden secrets, surprises and eastereggs to find in WHV

Sophisticated horsegame, for all ages!

Hi, we are the developers!

We are a team of only 2 people: Here you can see my father and I and of course, our no. 1 model: our Welsh Cob mare “Sunday´s light”!

We are the ones making updates, new features, new horses etc. all for you! My father is a programmer and I am a 23 year old university student, studying economics. We want to make the most wonderful and fun game, for all horse and animal lovers! My father is doing the programming and I am creating the game ideas, all of the art, social medias etc.!

I can also call an amazing dog my own, her name is Bossi and she is a Welsh Corgi!

We hope you enjoy the game!

If you have any questions about the game, contact us here:

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